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Trouble Sleeping?

You can sleep all night long.

Trouble sleeping and interrupted sleep can ruin your health and make your waking life a living hell.

Sleeping on the Perfect Fit mattress reduces pressure on muscles and joints, increasing comfort and sleep quality because your body stays in deep restorative sleep for longer periods of time.

And because you can adjust to any position you'll find the perfect sleeping position for you. You can even find relief from certain sleep disturbing conditions such as apnea and snoring.

To address serious sleep disturbance issues like stress and nervous tension Perfect Fit's exclusive Circulation Booster system built into the mattress, stimulates circulation at the cellular level releasing stored tension, stress & pain across your 3 "systems" - muscular, skeletal and, most importantly for sleep, your nervous system.

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Circulation Treatments - Drug Free Pain Relief

Perfect Fit's exclusive Circulation Booster system in the mattress uses 15 precisely attuned Circulation Boosters delivering energy pulses at differing frequencies and patterns. There are 20 different treatments so whether you are looking for a gentle "Get to Sleep Fast" Treatment or a more intense "Sports Warm Up" Treatment you will enjoy the benefits your mind and body require at the time.

What makes it so effective is the combination of energy pulses that relax tension assisting in Pain Relief whilst energising circulation for more effective rejuvenation and healing.

The Circulation Booster System is designed to:

    • Dramatically increasing blood circulation accelerates oxygenated blood to the cells and assists the lymphatic system to remove toxic waste products
    • Ease and relax muscle spasm by activating the muscle tissue and reduce joint pain and stiffness.
    • Improve lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and fluid retention, and encourage healing by assisting the immune system to work more.

    With no side effects many users find that Circulation Treatment is a pleasant non-aggressive action effective in providing on going drug free pain relief.


Relieve Back Pain Now.  

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The Secret to Sleeping Pain Free

The discomfort from pressure points that build up on a poorly made or old and worn mattress forces you to move in the night, disrupt your sleep, and wake you in pain.

By reducing pressure on your muscles and joints and increasing comfort, sleep quality improves because your body stays in the deep state of restorative sleep for longer periods of time...

Perfect Fit™ Multi-layered Comfort System

Hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermo-regulating - so you sleep cool in summer and warm in winter - The Perfect Fit mattress is a full 28cm multi-layered comfort system.

2.5cm Microcell Cover

Microcell cover, quilted in Bamboo fabric for cooling, comfort and the ultimate feeling of pure luxury, is removable and machine washable.

Gel-Tek Comfort Layer

6.5 centimetres of premium Gel-Tek™ Comfort foam alleviates all pressure points.

19cm High Density Base

A 19cm high density base provides the correct and ongoing support for your spine's natural curvature and alignment.

The high grade construction is Guaranteed for 10 years to maintain its integrity and perfect support for you.

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